At Pangea-Risk, we leverage our extensive network of trusted analysts, researchers, and local sources across Africa and the Middle East to address the multiple bespoke needs of our clients in a creative, customised, and cost-effective manner. We proudly devise tailored solutions for our clients to help mitigate country risk and support commercial opportunities.

Contact us to discuss your bespoke risk advisory needs

Analyst engagement

Connect with our analysts on an ad hoc or frequent basis to discuss your specific questions on countries and themes of interest to your business. We can set up quarterly analysis calls to present to your whole team or respond to requests in written report format at fast turnaround. If you already are an Insight platform member, set up a consultation with one of our analysts to continue discussions in more detail.

Due diligence

We leverage our extensive source network to run counter-party and reputational investigations on subject individuals and entities across Africa and the Middle East. Our investigations include company and legal records retrieval, site inspections, and human source enquiries to ensure that your business counterparties are transparent.

Country entry

Are you considering entering a new market or doing business in a new country? Our analysts and researchers can assist you in identifying new opportunities, mitigating risks, selecting counterparties, and even setting up introductions in-country. Expanding your business into a new jurisdiction can be a fraught with challenges, which our expertise can help foresee and manage.

Threat monitoring

Are you interested in a stream of tailored intelligence and early warning indicators on a particular country, region, or specific site location? We can leverage our extensive local source network to provide frequent and customised threat monitoring and risk assessment solutions to match your exact needs and locations. Threat monitoring and reporting can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly to match your needs.

Market research

Do you need detailed data and analysis on economic trends and sectors in countries or regions of interest to support your business and decision making? We can leverage our network of analysts and researchers to provide customised reports into key countries, sectors, and themes of interests based on your tailored requirements.

Bespoke presentations

Our senior analysts are available to present to your clients, investors, and team members on political risks, macro-economic trends, and security affairs. Based on availability, we can facilitate both in-person presentations workshops and virtual webinars or workshops. Reach out to us to discuss your customised knowledge and intelligence needs.

Media monitoring

Our in-house intelligence centre monitors local and international media across Africa and the Middle East and provides customised media monitoring services on specific regions, countries, and sectors based on our clients’ bespoke requirements. Media monitoring can be enhanced with artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis to understand trends in the media.

Global reach

Our analyst and source network extends well beyond our core focus regions in Africa and the Middle East. Contact us to discuss your risk forecasting, due diligence, and market research requirements in other parts of the world. We have successfully conducted bespoke intelligence services in Latin America, Asia, and Europe for clients in banking, insurance, and security sectors.